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Shop#4 35-39 Main Street

Greensborough 3088

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Services & Treatments


focuses on specific complaints and problems with a detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology to assess and treat a range of conditions.


This massage is more detailed and flowing, working deep into the muscle to lengthen and relieve tight and restricted tissue. In some cases, we may choose to use a herbal oil depending on your condition.


Relieve tight and aching muscles, improves blood flow and general wellbeing. This massage is performed through your clothes working on the acupressure points.


Treat sore and aching feet while feeling a deep sense of relaxation.


Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of fine, sterile, single use, disposable needles into specific sites (acupuncture points) along the body’s energy pathways (meridians) to clear energy blockages and encourage the normal flow of energy, improving the body’s internal system, functioning and wellbeing. Chinese Herbal Medicine can be traced back at least 5000 years, chinese herbal medicine takes a natural and holistic approach to healthcare. Our qualified practioners will prescribe a Chinese herbal formula specifically formulated for your own conditon that may be modified during the course of your treatment until the desired outcome is achieved. Cupping & Spooning Therapy can help treating cold and flu, inflammation, tight muscles, improve blood circulation.

Amazing space

Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.

Chinese Acupressure Massage

20 mins $20
30 mins $30
45 mins $45
60 mins $60

Luxury Package

90 mins $130
120 mins $160

Deep Tissue Oil Massage

30 mins $45
45 mins $65
60 mins $90
90 mins $120

Foot Reflexology

30 mins $45
45 mins $65
60 mins $80

Remedial Massage

30 mins $55
45 mins $80
60 mins $100
90 mins $140

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine

Initial consultation $100
Further consultation $80

Chinese Herbal medicine $30-$60

Cupping / spooning therapy $30-$50

Specific conditions

Stiff neck 30 min $50
Tennis Elbow 30 mins $50
Frozen shoulder 45mins $75
Sciatica Treatment 45 mins $75

Highest quality natural health services